Join Us

We welcome and fully respect all of our customers, no matter where you are, which age range you are, or how big your orders are. We appreciate your business!

We are looking forward to work with toy business representatives to sell our products worldwide. We offer a very competitive compensation package to all representatives who join us in 2018.

We also have a training program for new toy business owners. We are serious to help people who want to get started in the toy business. We offer a complete training course (3 months). The training program includes product design, price quotation, quality control, shipping regulations; how to register, sew tags, etc. We will introduce some good toy factories to you and get you started. We will follow up with you until you fully understand the business and can operate your own toy business. We welcome you to join us and start your own fun toy business!

For details or you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email:, or by phone: (330) 780-8048. Thank you for your attention and support! Your business will be great appreciated!

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